Dale Lehman's Homepage at Loras College

   Dale in Alaska   I have relocated from Alaska to Iowa. Here is an Iowa photo:  galena photo


Position:  Director,  Center for Business Analytics and Professor of Business Administration, Loras College

Past Positions:  Director of MBA Programs at Alaska Pacific University, faculty positions at Alaska Pacific University, Fort Lewis College, University of Colorado, Willamette University, Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo), University of Santa Clara, St. Mary's University (Halifax, Nova Scotia), Bellcore, Senior Economist at Southwestern Bell Telephone Company.

My complete vitae can be obtained here .

MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS TEXTBOOK (IVAN PNG AND DALE LEHMAN)! Published February, 2007. Information at Blackwell Publishing. 

SPREADSHEET MODELING TEXTBOOK.  Published December 2019. Information at CRC Press here.

Spring 2022 Course
MAA 540 Machine Intelligence

Fall 2021 Courses
MAA 571 Risk Analysis
MAA 520 Data Science

Spring 2021 Course
MBA 540 Machine Intelligence

Fall 2020 Courses
MAA 571 Risk Analysis
MAA 520 Data Science

Spring 2020 Courses
BUS 250 Business Statistics
MBA 540 Machine Intelligence
MBA 525 Managerial Economics

Spring 2019 Course
MBA 571 Risk Analysis

Fall 2018 Courses
MBA 550 Visualization
MBA 520 Data Analysis

Summer 2017 Courses

MBA 570 Externship 1
MBA 571 Risk Analysis

Spring 2017 Courses

MBA 530 Analtyic Methods
BAN 230 Applied Analytics
MBA 571 Risk Analysis

Fall 2016 Courses

MBA 520  Data Analysis
BAN 295 Topics:  Data Analysis Lab

Summer 2016 Courses

Externship 1 and 2
MBA 525 Managerial Economics