See Donna Bauerly's recently-published biography, "Raymond Roseliep: Man of Art Who Loves the Rose". Opening comments from the main page of this Website give multiple sources for purchase of the deeply-researched 300-page biography. Dedeciated to Charles Trumbull, outstanding editor of this text. Trumbull, former editor of "Modern Haiku" (2006-2013), is one of the most well-known and knowledgable researchers and critics of haiku.

Roseliep Chronology

The Artist Haiku

Haiku. 1984.

The reviews that follow are the earliest Bauerly publications for Roseliep, dating back to his first full-length text of original haiku in "Flute Over Walden". These reviews were eventually edited and expanded for the full biography. They are entered with the most recent publication first.

"One More Roseliep." Studia Mystica. 1984.

"Swish of Cowtail - A Review". 1984.

"Rabbit in the Moon - Raymond Roseliep's Last Book".1983.

"Journey Through Light: A review" of Listen to Light. 1980.

"Raymond Roseliep: 'Where are you going? Where have you been?' A Roseliep Retrospective."1980.

"The Still Point: A Review". 1980.

"The Way I Read A Roseliep Book". 1980.

"Flute Over Walden: A Review".1976.