RAYMOND ROSELIEP Chronology--August 11, 1917-December 6, 1983  

1917          Birth, August 11, in Farley, Iowa, to John Albert Roseliep (1874-1939) and Anna Elizabeth Anderson (1884-1967).  Raymond was  

                   the middle son of John and Anna.  Donald, older brother  and Louis, the younger.  John had two sons from a previous marriage:  Walter

                  and Edwin.  Maternal grandparents:  Emily Crevier, born in Rickardsville, Iowa, 1847-1908) and Nicholas Anderson (born in Strekholm

                  Sweden, 1838-1911).  Anna was the 10th of 11 children.  Paternal grandparents:  Zachary and Susan Roseliep, pioneer residents of

        Dubuque County.

1917         August 19, Christened Raymond Francis.  Godparents:  Irene Slowey and Edwin Roseliep

1922         Entered St. Joseph’s Grade School, Farley, Iowa

1923         Moved to Dubuque, Iowa, to the Williams house.  Attends Sacred Heart School

1924         Moved to 2709 Jackson Street, Dubuque, Iowa.  Attends Holy Ghost Parish and School and St. Patrick’s Parish and School

1928         First poem published, St. Patrick’s School, honoring the arrival of a new Archbishop

1931         Graduated from 8th grade, St. Patrick’s School

1931         Entered Columbia Academy (later Loras Academy)

1934         As a senior in high school, entered a dozen poems anonymously in a poetry contest and won the three top prizes and all                        

                 honorable mentions.   Asked to withdraw all entries but the one that won first prize.

1935          1935         Graduates from Loras Academy.  Receives one-year tuition scholarship to Loras College for high scholastic average.

1935          1935         Entered Loras College

1939          1939         Bachelor of Arts from Loras College.  Among first class to graduate from Loras College, formerly Columbia College.

1940          1940         Father dies, January 31st.

1939-43   Theological Seminary, Catholic University of American in Washington, D.C.  Also, graduate work in English there and also from Catholic

                 University Extension, Loras College

 1943        Ordained, June 12, St. Raphael’s Cathedral, Dubuque, Iowa

 1943        Celebrated first solemn Mass, June 13, St. Patrick’s Church, Dubuque, Iowa

 1943-45   Assistant Pastor, Immaculate Conception Church, at Gilbertville, Iowa. Rev. William Cremer, Pastor

 1945-46   Managing Editor, The Witness

 1945-48   Resident chaplain at St. Anthony’s Home, Dubuque, Iowa

 1946-66   Faculty, Department of English at Loras College:  1946-48, Instructor;

 1948-60   Assistant Professor; 1960-66, Associate Professor

 1948        Master of Arts in English from Catholic University of America

 1950-54   Resident chaplain at Mount St. Francis, Dubuque, Iowa.


                  Taught Religious Studies there at MSF.   Finished graduate studies in

                  Absentia  from Notre Dame and Loras College 

 1954         Resumed teaching at Loras College.

 1954         Doctor of Philosophy Degree in English Literature from Notre Dame University, June.  Ph.D. Dissertation:  Some Letters of Lionel


 Mid 50’s   Began writing poetry that is less that of a “Catholic priest” and more

      secular in nature

1960           1960         Began writing haiku, at first in the traditional 5-7-5 form, then in

            more and more experimental ways

  1961        The Linen Bands published by The Newman Press

1963           1963         Haiku writing in earnest

  1963        The Small Rain published by The Newman Press

1964           1964        Poet-in-residence at Georgetown University

1965           1965        Love Makes the Air Light published by W.W. Norton and Company, Inc.

  1966        Entered St. Vincent's Hospital, Madison, WI.  Length of stay not known at this time.  

  1967        Mother dies, December 17th

  1968        Recipient Montgomery Poetry Award, Society of Midland Authors

1966-83     1966-83  Chaplain in Residence at Holy Family Hall in Dubuque (Franciscan Sisters)

1967           1967       Meets W.H. Aden in Dubuque, Iowa, at a reading of Auden’s poetry

1974           1974        Voyage to the Inland Sea, IV.  Essays and Poems.  Edited by John Judson. 

           University of Wisconsin—La Crosse.

1976           1976       Flute Over Walden published by  Vagrom Chap Books

                   1976       Walk in Love published by Juniper Press

 1976       Light Footsteps published by Juniper Press

 1976       A Beautiful Woman Moves with Grace published by The Rook Press

 1977       First Henderson Award (haiku)

 1977       Sun in His Belly published by High/Coo Press

 1977       Step on the Rain published by The Rook Press

 1977       Wake to the Bell published by The Rook Press

 1978       A Day in the Life of Sobi-Shi published by The Rook Press

 1978       Sailing Bones published by The Rook Press

 1978       Uzzano, Numbers 9 and 10, Spring-Summer, 1978, featuring 50 Haiku by Raymond Roseliep

 1979       Sky in My Legs published by Juniper Press

 1979       Firefly in My Eyecup published by High/Coo Press

 1979       The Still Point published by Uzzano Press

 1980       A Roseliep Retrospective: Poems & Other Words By & About Raymond Roseliep.  Edited by David Dayton.  Published by Alembic


1980           1980      Listen to Light published by Alembic Press

  1981      Roseliep Haiku Sequence appears on 2020 buses in New York City

               “The Morning Glory”


            takes in

            the world

            from the heart out



            our day

            into itself



            on its own

            inner light

1982      Swish of Cow Tail published by Swamp Press

1982      Appointed Professor Emeritus, Loras College

1982      Second Henderson Award             


            wild swan drifting through

                    the woman’s body

1983      Rabbit in the Moon published by Alembic Press

1983      Death, December 6th of an aneurysm 

1984      The Earth We Swing On published by Winston Press.  Photos by Cyril A. Reilly and Renee Travis Reilly

1984          1984     Wind Chimes 12, “In Memoriam.  Raymond Roseliep” published by Wind Chimes.

1984          1984      Studia Mystica, Volume VII, Number 2, dedicated to Raymond Roseliep, 1917-1983 published by Studia Mystica.