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Regional Admission Representative

Regional Admission Representative
800.245.6727 |
Our Regional Admission Representative works with students from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

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Zachery Gries

Assistant Director of Admission & Financial Planning
563.588.7278 |
Zachery works with students from Dubuque Hempstead, Dubuque Senior, Wahlert Catholic, Dyersville Beckman and Western Dubuque High School.

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Aidan Wojciehowski

Admission Representative
563.588.7963 |
Aidan works with students from Iowa and Wisconsin.

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Kodie Edmonds

Senior Admissions Representative
563.588.7017 |
Kodie works with students from Iowa and Illinois.

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Sylma Wingard

Senior Admission Representative
563.588.7712 |
Sylma works with first year and transfer students outside of IA, IL, and WI (including students from outside of the domestic US).

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Erika Miller

Admission Assistant
563.588.7401 |

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Neil Bingham

Admission Visit Coordinator
563.588.7135 |

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Joan Schaefer

Event Recruitment Coordinator
563.588.7980 |

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Robbie Stran

Associate Director of Admission
563.588.4995 |
Robbie works with students transferring credit from Northeast Iowa Community College, Kirkwood Community College, Loyola University Chicago and Arrupe Community College.

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Dani Dodds

Associate Director of Admission
563-588-7244 |

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Kyle Klapatauskas

Director of Admission Recruitment & Retention
563.588.7639 |

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Megan Henderson

Director of Admission for Graduate and Postbaccalaureate Programs
563.588.7140 |
Megan works with all graduate students.

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