Ode to D.B.

A fierce fire burns in her.
The enemy lines are dangerous
because casualties there are high.
As a witness to her kindness
you’d never know anger could exist
in this wonder woman.

She speaks every word
with purpose.
Each resonating syllable counts,
So keep your ears unblocked.
Even the profanities are as powerful
as the orations of Caesar.

She bears no wings upon her back,
but she is an angel
guarding over more children
than humanly possible.
Here reservoir of care and concern
miraculously never dries to dust.

She’s not monstrous or threatening,
but she loses no wars.
Nothing intimidates her.
Sometimes I wonder if this person
of power and prestige exists.
In the case of D.B.
the answer is yes.

~Michael Weybright
May 4, 2002

~Presented in person
May 6, 2003