Dr. Bauerly's Pictures

Classroom Shots

Small Group Discussions

A typical day of lecturing in Dr. Bauerly's class?  (just kidding-really a role-playing exercise)

Role-playing: Going After Cacciato and Love Medicine 


Role-playing: Barry Van Wyck, from South Africa, in pants and skirt poses with Dr. Bauerly

American Poetry Class - Fall 2002

 Service Learning

A group of Critical Writing Poetry Honors students before heading off to Nativity Elementary School, to share their love of poetry (every Friday morning).  Note the Cubs' fan and peer assistant tot he right, Beth Loebach (now an alum) and future peer assistant Jenna Crew Beyer next to her.


Delta Epsilon sigma, National catholic Honor Socitey, fall cookout.  Deck, Dr. Bauerly's home

DES gathering at Teresa Mack's home. Now all Loras alums except Dr. Bauerly, front row, 2nd from left

DES Officers wash dishes after the Christmas gathering

Dr. Bauerly stands tall at a DES fall cookout with three "Giants" from Loras (L to R) Troy Johnson, DES student officer, Professor Bob Pommerich, now retired from the Business and Accounting /Department, and Dr. Dan Willis from the Mathematics/Computer Science Department.

"Food for Thought" gourmet potluck at Dr. Bauerly's home

Dr. Kevin Koch, English Department Chair, bonds with his daughter Angie at a student gathering, Dr. Bauerly's home


C-S 1st Edition Auction

End of year and graduation


Raymond Roseliep's Grave