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Ways Bolts Are Made

Rolled threads

Sometimes threads are rolled vertically. The bolt passes though two sets of grooved pieces which create threads. They appear to just be grooves but when they are rolled across they create threads. Machines like this are capable of making up to 300 bolts per minute.

Swiss Turing Machine

Swiss Turing machines were first created to produce watch parts for Switzerland's production of watches. Swiss turning machines are very precise in the production of small complex parts. They have the ability to make parts with great accuracy. It is extremely accurate because the cutting tool remains stationary and the material rotates and moves along the tool. The machine is very versatile and is able to work with large and small work pieces with great precision. It is able to make complex parts with great ease. It runs though a guide bushing to ensure the material is not bent out of shape or deformed. The machine is able to spin at great speeds and still achieve high quality work. This is considered a cold rolling technique.


Screw Machines

Screw Machines are used to produce high numbers of lost cost parts. They have the ability to produce pieces with average precision. Screw Machines use a similar process as a lathe but are more automated and have the ability to proceed on with a task after the completion of the first without being reset. Long cylinder shaped rods are pushed though the machine where threads are cut and then it is cut off to the appropriate length where later the head will be formed or pressed. Screw machines are great for high volume production where cost needs to be minimized. This is considered a cold rolling technique.

Multiple Spindle Machines

These machines can also be used to produce to produce bolts. They are able to do the whole process in one machine. They set up numerous steps that each part goes though in order to become a bolt. The parts are already cut to the correct length so then they are put in the machine and threads are cut. After the threads are cut the bolt is moved though numerous other steps producing the head. It is slowly formed first flattened out then slowly formed into the hexagon or desired shape of the head. This is considered a cold rolling technique.

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