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Loras College Campaign Quarterly


Greg Gumbel ('67) is a studio host and play-by-play announcer for CBS Sports and a member of the Loras College Board of Regents. Loras College Productions recently talked with Gumbel when he was on campus about how his classes at Loras impacted his life. "I actually dropped speech class because I was too shy to get up in front of a class and to give a two-minute speech, and I was encouraged to go back and try again, and I did," Gumbel said. He also discussed how he understood early on in his life the value of giving back and that giving back to Loras, "is the least I can do." He said, "I never doubted for a moment that I owed Loras something."

Gumbel is well-known to television viewers for his years hosting and providing play-by-play for the NFL. In addition, he also has provided coverage of two Super Bowls and three Olympic games. He also has hosted or provided coverage for NCAA Division I Men's Basketball, the College World Series, Major League Baseball and college football.

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By: Samantha-Anne Schmidt ('16)

Duhawks know that when it comes to success there's no getting around the value of hard work. Josh Arnold ('15) (pictured right), a Loras College senior majoring in social work and psychology, understands this well. As a teenager, Arnold entered the foster care system and was later adopted by a retired builder and his wife in rural northwest Illinois. Arnold became determined to get a college education. After attending both large and small high schools, he knew he wanted to attend a small private college that engendered a sense of community. With a cousin who is a Duhawk, Arnold was inspired to explore Loras College. He discovered Loras was close to home, welcoming and hospitable. The perfect school for him.

While college can be academically challenging, it can also be financially difficult. Arnold is completely financially independent, not only buying his own clothes, paying for his own car and car insurance, but also paying for his housing and college tuition. Along with being a student, Arnold works at Hillcrest Family Services, a residential facility for troubled youth in Dubuque. At Hillcrest Family Services, he teaches and models leadership for kids who don't have his advantages. In regards to working, Arnold said, "My parents always taught me to

work hard for the things I want. I also enjoy working, it is a reprieve from classes and homework."

Arnold plans to go into the social work or psychology field upon graduation and believes his Loras education will serve him well. "Loras has taught me many things, but one of the most important is the ability to network and interact with alumni and other professionals. It also has given me the ability to think for myself and go find the answers if I do not have them already," Arnold said.

Arnold finances his Loras College education with his income, scholarships and need-based financial aid. The William T. Lynch/Pella Corporation Award and gifts to the Loras Fund have made Josh's experience possible by keeping his educational costs within his means. Gifts to the Loras Fund provide assistance to deserving students who otherwise may not have access to a high-quality education. If you are interested in helping students like Josh by providing financialassistance,please contactMark Brewer,Josh Arnold ('15) Director of the Loras Fund, at 563.588.4985 or

By: Samantha-Anne Schmidt ('16)

Loras College is more than simply a place to further one's education. Loras is a community that consciously connects and supports its members. Lisa Kapler-Emerson ('85) felt a strong bond while she was a student studying biology at Loras, and still feels that continued link to the College as an alumna. Kapler-Emerson continued her education at the University of Iowa after graduating from Loras. She completed medical school and did her residency in Mason City, Iowa. Kapler-Emerson is grateful for the scholarship money that helped make her education at Loras possible. Because of her appreciation, Kapler-Emerson decided to give

current students at Loras the same opportunity she had by recently donating $1,500 to the Loras Fund. "I have been giving back to Loras for many years," Kapler-Emerson said, "While I was a student, I was a recipient of a scholarship. I was grateful for the generosity and the financial contribution that was used for my scholarship. I hope the money I donate now will help another student be able to have the wonderful experience at Loras that I did."

Kapler-Emerson currently works as a family doctor in Rockford, Iowa. She and her husband Keith have two children.

By: Samantha-Anne Schmidt ('16)

Edward J. Rielly ('66) is giving back to the Loras community in a way that will benefit students and thank one of his former professors. Rielly decided to help the Loras community by donating a gift to the Frank Lehner Teaching Scholarship Fund. When Rielly read about the scholarship fund established in memory of Frank Lehner, Ph.D., in the Inspiring Lives & Leadership Campaign Quarterly, he saw an opportunity to honor a professor that motivated and led him to be where he is today.

Rielly stated, "Dr. Lehner had a tremendous impact on my professional career. I switched to English as a major because of his freshman class." Rielly's joy for studying 18th-century British literature with Dr. Lehner led him to specialize in just that when he continued his education after Loras and received a doctorate from the University of Notre Dame.

Rielly continues to teach and is currently a professor of English at Saint Joseph's College in Standish, Maine, and has published two dozen

books. In regards to his teaching and writing, Rielly stated, "Much that I have done is in part because of Dr. Lehner."

While he continues to appreciate the impact Dr. Lehner had on him, Rielly credits another one of his professors, Father Roseliep, with also deeply influencing him during his time at Loras. Rielly and Father Roseliep stayed in contact into Father Roseliep's final years, with Father Roseliep providing inspiration for Rielly to write and publish haiku. Rielly hopes to also contribute to the scholarship created in memory of Father Roseliep.

To add to current scholarships, create your own or to see a complete list of scholarships held at Loras, please contact Eric Solberg in the Loras College Development Office: Edward J. Rielly (’66) or 563.588.7969.

Pictured right
: Edward J. Rielly, Ph.D. ('66) and his wife Jeanne.


Your gifts to the Inspiring Lives & Leadership campaign are making an impact. When the campaign was launched in early October 2013, the endowment was valued at $25.4 million. As of Dec. 31, 2014, the endowment stood at $29.1 million. While there is no doubt that the market has been favorable to investments in the last two years, the biggest assist to the Loras endowment has been in cash and pledges from alumni and friends. An additional $18,419,700 in planned or deferred gifts will impact the College in the future. These donations, both large and small, make up what is essentially the Loras savings account. Each fiscal year, the endowment provides interest and earnings to fund programs and student aid. For every million dollars added to the endowment, up to $50,000 can be annually added to the operating budget. That additional fifty-thousand in the annual budget translates into an estimated 11 students able to benefit from financial assistance. Because the principal is not spent, the endowment continues to undergird the day-to-day activities of Loras College and student access to institution now and into the future.
Endowment Chart

Campaign Steering Committee: Campaign Chair Tom Tauke ('72), Father John Schlegel ('66), Paul Breitbach ('60), William Lynch ('64),
Jim Theisen ('56), Mary Finnegan, Theresa Hoffman ('81), Don Ulrich ('58)