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Inspiring Lives and Leadership, The Loras Legacy

Double The Impact Of Your Campaign Gift While Honoring Reverend Monsignor James Barta

Monsignor Barta Challenge

“A liberal arts education is something much more than the cultivation of technological expertise. It is also the cultivation of that social sensitivity which brings the warmth and color to life. It is the explicit profession that we are social by nature, and incomplete without others. It is the expression of respect for others, manifesting itself in generosity, not the selfishness which enslaves us,” said Rev. Monsignor James O. Barta (’52) in his 1988 inaugural address as president of Loras College.

Monsignor Barta devoted his efforts both professionally and spiritually to Loras College as well as to his community and church. His generous service and guidance continue to impact both Loras and all those associated with the College.

In honor of Monsignor Barta's many years of commitment, an anonymous donor has offered the Monsignor Barta Challenge for the Inspiring Lives & Leadership Campaign. The challenge will match dollar for dollar up to $250,000 for every new or increased gift received this fiscal over last (fiscal year ends May 31).

For Bill Dougherty (60), Giving To Loras is “An Obligation And A Privilege”

Bill Dougherty

Bill Dougherty, M.D., (’60) and his wife Sharon are enjoying their retirement, splitting their time between Moline, Ill. and Naples, Fla. Together, the couple has six children and more than 20 grandchildren. Dougherty spent over 30 years as an orthopedic surgeon at his private practice in Moline before retiring on Jan. 1, 2004. Bill's journey to success, however, began at Loras. “I was given scholarships and campus jobs at Loras without which I couldn't have attended college. I decided that someday I would repay my debt and help someone else,” he said.

Reflecting back on his life, and especially time as a student, Dougherty is grateful for all Loras did for him. Now, he repays what he feels is a debt to Loras through his support of scholarships, awards, capital improvements, student conferences and the Inspiring Lives & Leadership campaign. “I really consider it an obligation and a privilege,” Dougherty said about his inspiration to give.

Loras is Named 1st Academic Affiliate to the Iowa Space Grant Consortium Since ISGC’s Founding


What happened to the water on Mars? Can elements in nature help improve our machines? What can be done about pollutants in agricultural runoff?

Loras students and faculty now have the opportunity to answer these questions thanks to the College's recent affiliation with the Iowa Space Grant Consortium (ISGC), part of NASA's National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. This affiliation enables Loras to apply its strong engineering, science, technology and math programs to explore the unknown in new and innovative ways. ISGC was founded in 1990, and Loras is its first academic affiliation since that date.

Loras Women’s Leadership Alliance

The official launch of the Loras Women's Leadership Alliance was held on March 21 for faculty, staff, alumni, and students gathered for this historic occasion. The mission of the recently formed Leadership Alliance is to engage women on the Loras College campus and in alumni communities, connecting or reconnecting them with the College. Supporting young women who attend or will attend Loras is their overall goal. READ MORE >

Womens Leadership


APRIL 20, 2017
Cardinal Dolan
Mass & Dinner
MAY 3, 2017
Legacy Symposium
& Student Awards Luncheon
MAY 5, 2017
Loras Legacy
MAY 6, 2017
Soccer Alumni
& Friends Day
MAY 11, 2017
Peoria, Ill
Alumni & Student
MAY 18, 2017
& Worldwide

Duhawk Day
June 13 - 15, 2017
Chicago, Cedar
Rapids, Dubuque

Bob & Judy Tucker
Celebratory Tour
July 30, 2017
Milwaukee, Wis
Cubs vs. Brewers
Baseball Game

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